Thank you for EndeavourOS!


I’ve just migrated to EndeavourOS. I was an Antergos user and loved it. After Antergos went belly up, I switched to Manjaro.

My recent EndeavourOS deployment was a breeze. I was glad you put the install “gotchas” out there right from the start. I managed to avoid all those previously identified headaches.

In less than a day, I have my EndeavourOS install in exactly the same (well, almost) state as when I left Manjaro. My system is running Gnome Desktop and also, I’ve kept XFCE just in case as a fall back.

I’m really loving this linux system even if I can’t get Kalu running in Gnome. Any hints greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I wanted to post a quick thank you to the Devs for the EndeavourOS experience. Keep up the good work.



Welcome to our community !

Yeah Gnome is another beast i do play in virtualbox… Im more an lxqt user not so fancy :slight_smile:

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I agree about Gnome. Dropbox appindicator still non-functional after all this time. But hey, I love the bling of Gnome.