Thank you EOS -- SwayWM on Debian (tutorial)

SwayWM on Debian (tutorial)

If you are in search of a FREE SwayWM installation and migration tutorial (including dotfiles etc.) I have just revised and updated ‘such a beast’. You may find it at:

Be advised the tutorial is rather long and detailed. With any luck, it is also accurate. I believe (hope?) this is my last large revision… although I plan to keep the dotfiles reasonably current.

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post a pic


This looks cool. Great tutorial. Btw, why debian instead of arch ? :slight_smile:

More of a happenstance than a huge plan. :wink: I am running 7 WMs (including SwayWM) in a single user space on Debian Sid… mostly because Debian is easiest for me to set up VBox for my genealogy work.

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