Thank You Developers & Community

Thank you for making such a clean and user friendly arch based distro. I have used arch for years but the setup is always horrific. The git-gude user base with arch is quite unhelpful also. I can also finally boot eufi on my system out of the box instead of doing a csm bios emulation with my motherboard, due to the arch wikis incomprehensible explanation on that topic. I scrolled through this forum for 5 minutes and see that it is incredibly open and welcoming. Thank you, developers for creating this.
~Running Endeavour OS deepin


Welcome to the Forum. Thank you for giving EndeavourOS a try.

Enjoy your time here.


Welcome, and have fun while you’re around :slight_smile:

Welcome to EndeavourOS @oil_boi


Welcome @oil_boi :grinning:

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Seems that you found the right place! :smile: