Thank You all for your immense help and support!

Hello everyone,

I am SearingSunrazeSmash ( PhoenixAwakened in past ), and is here to thank you all for giving your support to a new user who didn’t knew anything about managing system in world of Linux…

Back then when I joined here, it was very tough for me make the system run smoothly and had faced some troubles from start
:sweat_smile: :joy:
And now I am able to run my system smoothly, and that too with Vanilla Arch installed with my own effort !!
And for this I would like to thanks everyone over here, as observing your methods helped to keep my system fully functional and smooth, even though system’s specs are too low, i.e 3 GB RAM and intel i3 of 2011 !!
:joy: :joy:

But from very long time, I feel that I am not capable and worthy to be a member of this exquisite forum. I tried to improve myself but they were of no use to anyone over here. So it is very much clear that my existence over here serves nothing, nor to me, neither to anyone else…
It felt like I was just wasting the forum’s storage by making new Desktop looks, or some jokes, etc-etc…

The life is all about survival of fittest. And I am neither fit in terms of skill, nor in terms of knowledge.

There are many people over here, who had helped over this long course of time, but I don’t want to ping anyone of them, as it will cause unnecessary disturbance.

So a final thanks to everyone over here, especially Dalto, FlyingCakes, Kresimir, Keybreak, Pebcak, Smokey, Joekamprad, fbodymechanic, rockhopper, Python and many others for helping out a useless person !!
:smile: :smile:

So I request any of the moderator to close my account once and for all, so that I may not be the cause of troubles to anyone in the future.
:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for troubling everyone over this much time…
:wave: :wave: :wave:

I’d say that having fun and good times are top priority over here! :partying_face:
Seriously, it’s totally fine to just be here, i’m telling you as a certified forum’s :clown_face:.

But if you decided to leave…well - you do you, good luck wherever you go, and you’ll always be welcome back! :upside_down_face:


Now on, I will do up my tasks on my own, fall and rise, all on myself !!

I need to come out of the mindset that I can ask for help if I am in trouble.

Once upon a time i was just a little sad clown…but now look at me!


There’s no rush in learning :wink:


After everything gets settled for me, i.e in terms of career and related area, then I will try to be back here !!

I seriously feel that I had caused more troubles than anything else to everyone here.
:slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

You can let your account stay :slight_smile:
and then come back whenever you wish to!

You don’t need to be useful to others to claim existence. Let your account stay, unused. Like mine’s going to stay until I get some financial stability.


It’s never been any trouble to try help you, I often learn by helping others. Hope you get things on track soon, life can be tough, if you need help reach out. I lived in a mindset for years where I thought I couldn’t ask for help but since I’ve turned that around life has become a lot more manageable. Hang in there


I agree with this. You may feel that Arch/Endeavour is not for you right now but your knowledge of Linux etc will continue to improve, and Endeavour could well be the right choice for you in the future :smiley: You’ve caused no trouble at all :hugs: