Text-to-speech Recommendation

Looking for an offline text-to-speech app . Years ago I had used Cainteoir and did find in aur but says error missing cainteoir engine .
Any advice on what to use now days ? Wishing for something easy to install ,has a GUI , and usable offline .
Will check back tonite to see what is recommended … Thanks !

Try these, all are in the repos:

GUI frontends:


Since we are at it, is there a speech to text that one can recommend?

Thank you kresimir … Will get that setup … now wondering what’s recommended for Zircon34 for speech-to-text .
Thank you for your time and recommendation ! :smiley:

Glorious new avatar. :frog:

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This is not an app but a very good free text-to-speech service: https://ttsfree.com/text-to-speech/

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