Text missing in qBittorrent

In qBittorrent text is missing and also icon not visible on the panel, no matter what theme I choose. I am using XFCE.


Looks like a theme issue.

What are using to set your QT theme?

I have no idea, where can I see that ?


If it is qt5ct then run qt5ct to configure it. If it is kvantum then use the kvantum manager.

It is qt5ct. And when I configure it, no effect no matter what settings I do.

Are you closing the application and relaunching it?

I managed to solve it by installing qt5-styleplugins from the AUR and choosing for GTK2, instead of GTK3.

The only thing is that the icon on the panel remains invisible.

I don’t have any issues with qbittorrent on KDE.