Testing Plasma 6 (Beta) on Endeavour OS - is this approach any good?

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Some impressive work.

Lots of people will appreciate this one:

Fixed an issue that could cause the screen to end up black with only a movable cursor when you wake your system from sleep while using an NVIDIA GPU with its proprietary drivers (David Redondo, link)


(Can´t post a lot at the moment; internet problems - digital highway is now a dirt track with lots of potholes.)

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Sad to hear. Hope everything is resolved soon.

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Found a bug but not sure who’s bug it is.
On QEMU, 4 cores at 85-100% on videos with KDE and Wayland on Firefox.
On QEMU, 4 cores at 20-30% on videos with Gnome and Wayland on Firefox.
All QEMU settings are the same for both OS.
All Firefox settings are the same for both OS.

To my thoughts, if not reproduced on bare metal, the information provides (as you seemed to imply) too many possible ways to point fingers :slight_smile:


Still, running in VM’s is a normal and accepted use case, i would suggest, and as such @sammiev 's done some awesome work with his comparison.

If any one has some idea as to where to address this issue, their thoughts are welcome. :+1:t4:

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(still no real internet connection here, so can’t reliably e update my set up and do much testing - good news is: problem has been found, bad news is: the solution takes at least 5 days.)


Do they have to order parts? (or manufacture them from bamboo (humor)?) I just finished reading about a person here in the US in a rural area that had an ISP issue for 5 years and no response from the ISP until he started filing 2-3 tickets a day…

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Something like that: today I was told that the root cause has been found: the database in which they administrate which modem/router should be allowed to be online has become corrupt in the records that concern my connection - they have to manipulate these records but that is something they can’t do themselves; today they sent a “ticket” to the third party that can do the needed data manipulation. And that will take at least 5 working days.

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(It seems I am back already - have to reconfigure internal network components to get them to work with the new ip-ranges)


I have my home network setting behind the ISP router/fibre-modem. That way everything internal stays the same…I just reconfigure the uplink address on my router if I switch ISPs and done.
Hope you’re fully back?

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So have I but the ISP router/modem allocates the internal ip’s through DHCP and the new router uses a different range. Ideally I’d like to change the ip range in the ISP-router/modem, but there does not seem to be a way to do that.

I’m back for 90% at the moment; can’t get my VPN to work.
No connection possible.
Am investigating.

Firewall, fileserver, adguard, nextcloud are running again.

I wasn’t clear (or it’s too early?), but my internal network actually sets behind my own (owned) router…which is then behind the ISPs router. Plug and play :slight_smile:
All I do is make the internal router see the external router and direct traffic there, admittedly, I’m simple and do not make anything externally visible (don’t need to).

Ah, yes, i understand now, I think.

If i do that i loose the option to use the option to use “WiFi-spots”. These WiFi spots act like hotspots that I can connect to with any advice when i’m en route.

Yes, that’s true. Being retired, I don’t travel, so no biggie for me.

I’m planning on retiring next year, so…

It took some digging but after turning ip-flooding off and changing MTU from 1500 to 1499 on the new modem/router the WireGuard VPN seems to work again.
I’ll test tomorrow, and will then return to the topic at hand: testing Plasma 6.

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For those who like a party.


Just wanted to update that the remainder of the bugs that I reported have been marked as resolved over the course of the last week. I don’t know how I would test these fixes though.

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