Testing KDE 6 Plasma


for my daily work I’m using GNOME.

I wanted to test KDE 6, I’ve read several tests and I’m curious about the system.
So I installed it on an old laptop (about 10 years old).
Wayland is enabled, but the touch pad gestures (4 fingers for overview) is not working on the system.
The touch pad is recogniced by libinput.

Is there a setting in KDE to enable it?


There is. It’s the top one in the current System Settings layout. (Input & Output → Moues & Touchpad)

Thanks, but the gestures afe not working on my machine. The shortcuts (Meta+w) are working fine.

Does the hardware support multi-touch?

OK. Good question. To be honest, I didn’t checked it.
Well, I take a look for that. Can I check it from the system (libinput) or onlyy the documentation?

The touchpad of Ideapad S145 supports multi-touch. So Plasma 6 with default settings produces the 4 fingers overview,