Terminal Problems

Today I discovered that my xfce4-terminal program refuses to work, at least when I try to open it directly. When I attempt to open the terminal I get “Failed to execute child process “”: Failed to execve: No such file or directory”. Now to make it really confusing, when I run the endeavor terminal update the terminal works. I checked and the terminal program is an executable program, only clicking the icon or the terminal program in /usr/bin comes up with the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas to what might be causing the problem?

Could be something in your shell. If you are using bash, what is in your ~/.bashrc ?

I did a bit of research and found that I had accidentally did a stupid thing, but now I have fixed it. Problem came from “Run a Custom command instead of my shell” being checked. Not sure how I did that but once unchecked it worked just fine.


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