Terminal Print out after complete_alias install


I am using a code from this project https://github.com/cykerway/complete-alias which is used to autocomplete aliases with tab. It does work however, after its istal when opening anew terminal window i get a print out up top with the following

 complete: usage: complete [-abcdefgjksuv] [-pr] [-DEI] [-o option] [-A action] [-G globpat] [-W wordlist] [-F function] [-C command] [-X filterpat] [-P prefix] [-S suffix] [name ...]

I have checked the script , it is only a few lines but there is no echo statement that looks anything like this. How can I get rid of theis?



How did you integrate into your bash startup? That text is probably the error text from the complete command when it is run with bad parameters.

I have sourced it into .bash_completion. I have not put anything into the .bashrc about it.

Problem solved

In the .bash_complete you are suposed to source the script. I have my script in ~/Scripts/bash to source it in .bash_complete I had used . ~/Scripts/bash/complete_alias . I have changed it to source ~/Scripts/bash/complete_alias. That solved the issue.

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