Terminal not showing actual text


This is vim.


This is manual entry for sudo; the result of doing man sudo.
When I type, it shows the same boxes, however if i copy and paste the boxes into a browser or text editor outside of terminal, you get the anctual text.

Did it happen after you updated?

updated what? kernel or OS?

Either one. I’m asking because i had the same issue after an initial install and when i updated it, the xos4 fonts looked like that. Trying to see if my problem is being replicated.

Same. It was fine in the installer and the first boot, however when I updated and restarted, this problem occurred.

Just out of curiosity, are you running an hp desktop? Not sayingthat is the issue, but your the second person to have that happen.

I am not. I have an msi board.

Ok. Out of curiosity, if you choose noto fonts, do they look blurred in terminal?

I am using the default xfce ones. I have not installed another DE or done any customization except for the background.

I just switched to noto sans and still have the box issue.

In the terminal, right click on your page to bring up preferences-appearance- next to use system fonts. Change your fonts to a different font.

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Thanks. That fixed the issue.

Oh wow. Mine were blurred. Im not suggesting this, but what i did in the end was install arch using the archfi script and moved endeavour repo there so that i could still get theendeavour benefits.

Ok cool glad you got it sorted

That may be a monitor resolution problem, or your OS might get your monitor res wrong.

Could be, but endeavour is the only os i jave had that problem with, even with multiple installs. With that beinh said, I love this community and would never bash their efforts, which is why i added their repos. After their next update, i will try the iso install again, but until then, this is what solved my problem.

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You could try antergos. I would recommend making a new topic on this forum.

Truth is, i installed this os 4 differwnt times with the same issue. All fonts were tested the 4th time pre and post update. The results were the same. Im using a tv which displays 1360x768. But that is just my experience. I might try the torrent to see if i have the same issue. But I will give that thread a read over and see what they are talking about.

Scince this is such an erly stage in endeavour, it might only support 1920x1080. Also if you are on kernel 5.2 or higher it may be a kernel issue. If you are on 5.2 or higher, you cloud try installing on 4.18.

I didn’t think of that. Might give it a shot. My thing is just why do they chang AFTER I update. Pre updateand pre/post install they are all fine.