Terminal Listing issues with lsd and exa

I’ve an annoying issue here.
Last month I was introduced to and fell in love with exa.
However, for it’s base command, lsd appears a nicer option. Plus, it adds a config file to avoid needing to add flags to adjust features (like icons).

If we run ls -a we get listings of all, including hidden files, very quickly.
I like the icons, so I set an alias:

alias ls='exa --icons --color=always --group-directories-first'

and get a similar listing.

Doing another test now, listing with -a (all files). \ls means ‘unaliased’ or original ls command…

cd ~
\ls -a
ls -a
lsd -a

The first two are fast. Actually, lsd is also fast - but there are long pauses and messages for every pkg directory. For example, .cache/yay folders, we see PKG folders which have d–x--x–x permissions.

So the question is this:
Why, on my system, does lsd -a pause and print errors every time it is refused entry, whilst ls -a and exa -a simply get on with the job ignoring them?

Sorry - stupid error.
Nailed it now…
There’s a config file for lsd
I changed it…

# == Total size ==
# Whether to display the total size of directories.
# Possible values: false, true
total-size: *true*

Setting total-size to true causes the error.