Telegram Servers down?

It seems telegram servers are down currently, it can not connect.
Someone knows what is going on?

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Are you sure it works on mine ?

It is indeed down. But I have yet to see any communication on what’s going on.

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It seems to not be the same in all countries yet !

Capture d’écran_2020-10-04_01-59-03

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webside is online again, but messenger service is still down

Lot of reports, something is down :-1:


You are in late look UP :crazy_face:

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yea i do not see that :eyeglasses:

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i was just in the middle of helping someone on a non booting system… but user was already screwed in the head and want to stop so not that bad,…

But it is strange, as it is the first time i see telegram offline that long here from germany…

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