Telegram desktop has random input lag and poor responsiveness


For some odd reason I cannot get telegram desktop to run without being oddly unresponsive, sometimes it takes several seconds before text input or button clicks are registered.

This does not happen on Telegram A which uses “Telegram web” so it’s not like it’s a performance issue.

I’m running a pretty fresh install of Endeavor so I’m not sure where the problem lies.

So far i’ve tried (aur) “telegram desktop”, (flatpak) “telegram desktop”, (aur) “telegram desktop-bin”, (aur) “telegrarm-desktop-kdefix” which all exhibit this behavior.

Help much appreciated.

PS: I’ve been having no such issues on a wonky Manjaro install. Switched to Endeavour due to various issues, like wine performance being extremely bad (unusable to play Chip’s Challenge with), wonky usb device detection and other weird problems that cropped up over time