Take off to Antergos and then continue your journey on EndeavourOs

Who are the ones who, like me, started on Antergos and then migrated to EndeavourOs without having to reinstall their operating system, and it has been working stably ever since?

When the end came for Antergos some of us converted it to Arch, there was no EOS at the time. Mine is still running strong so I saw no need for another conversion. I installed EOS on my wife’s laptop and two of mine, that way I’m still connected with a great bunch of people and a very good OS.


my backup of Antergos in Virtualbox :wink:


I have two Antergos installations migrated to EndeavourOS, desktop box and laptop. IIRC either using the forum topic or the wiki page as a guide.

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Wonderful background. :slight_smile:

Yes, many at the time converted their Antergos installation to Arch.

So whose got the oldest “install” in these parts then? Post it up!!

stat grep / | Birth

Here’s mine. Birth: 2018-08-22 21: 06: 47.000000000 +0200

Almost 2 years. Nice!! Mine are both very new. I can never stop changing my mind on my DE so I keep switching.

I feel the system is very stable despite being rolling release based.

Do you have the Antergos backgrounds around? Maybe they could be migrated to EOS repo?


It’s okay to look back but you should never stare too long. I think all great things come to an end and there are many great things ahead. I definitely don’t think Endeavor is Antergos 2.0, but feel like adding those wallpapers they make it appear that way. Not to say we shouldn’t share them but I definitely don’t think they should be part of the repose. But that’s just me maybe everyone disagrees completely.

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sure, we will not include them to EndeavourOS, this are two different projects.
you can get them on GitHub.


I’m still running an Antergos (converted to Arch first, then Endeavour). It started as an experiment to figure out how long I could keep it running and to learn a little more about how Arch works. Still going strong. I’ve got an installed from scratch EndeavourOS install running as well.

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linux are only files :wink:

Yes, but there is some knowledge required to keep all the files working together.