Tabs are not resizing & openbox won't launch

I have just installed Endeavour OS for the first time with LXDE. It is on an HP Laptop 6910p from 2008. Everything is good apart from two issues:

  1. When I open more tabs than there is room for on the display they do not automatically resize or group into a dropdown menu but instead they disappear to the right of the screen. I only have room for six tabs.

  2. I wish to use Openbox so I downloaded it using [sudo pacman -Syu openbox]. Now when I boot up and get to the log in screen I get a choice of default, LXDE, openbox and KDEopenbox. If I select LXDE and enter my password it is all good. If I select openbox the computer freezes and I have to power off and reboot. If I select KDEopenbox and enter my password the password box just reappears so I have to re-enter it in perpetuity. I had a look for the openbox folder in the root directory and a few other folders but I couldn’t locate it.

So I would be grateful for any help in solving these two issues.

try $HOME/.config/openbox
This is where your openbox configs are.
I don’t know what your talking about with KDEOpenBox as KDE is a desktop environment and Openbox is just a floating window manager. Do note that vanilla Openbox has nothing to it. Openbox needs to be configured for use.


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