-Syyu doesn't work entirely today

Hi, here’s the end results of paru -Syyu today, and it does that for all the aforementioned Aur packages seemingly ? I removed one and reinstalled it, and it showed the same emsasge for the next package.
Plenty of other packages were upgraded correctly but these, no.

:: Calculating internal conflicts...
:: marked as not up-to-date : dtrx simple-usb-automount

Aur (4) ocenaudio-bin-3.11.7-1 ocrmypdf-13.4.1-1 ani-cli-git-r481.1e97d1f-1 weechat-minimal-git-2.7.125.gc29b45a0f-1

:: Proceed to proofreading ? [Y/n] Y

:: Downloading PKGBUILDs...
error: command failed: /home/drm/.cache/paru/clone/ocenaudio-bin: git fetch -v:
    fatal: neither this nor any of its parent directories is a git repository: .git

Two things:

  • Don’t use 2 "y"s, use paru -Syu, or better yet, just paru
  • Try clean building that AUR package

Thanks ! I learnt to clean my system.

paru is my new yay :slight_smile:

I have also been using paru lately. While there are trade-offs, I like some things about paru more.

However, I have a problem with it. I can’t stop typing yay

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alias to the rescue… :grin: Don’t forget to add the topdown or bottomup to the alias, your choice…

That is what config files are for. :wink:

I need several changes to the defaults for paru:


Knew I could count on you! I’m still happy with yay for the moment, though. Nice config!

Edit: I saved it against the day…


I wonder why EOS is preinstalled with yay and not paru? :thinking:


That decision was made long time ago. Much later paru was created. Mostly they are very similar, and it seems like a matter of taste which one to use.


“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” yay works just fine. :wink:

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Even though I am currently using paru, I wouldn’t say it is “better” than yay. It is just a little different.

So yay is still being maintained?


You can see the commit history here:


You can also just look up the package here:https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/yay. If you just want a quick look.

Last Updated:	2022-03-06 17:12 (UTC)

See also this: https://github.com/Morganamilo/paru/commits/master

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Should I install paru as well and adopt a wait and see approach?
Is there any problem having both installed, since they use the same pacman db?
As a non-dev user does it make any difference iif it based on rust or go?


It never hurts to tinker, just familiarize yourself with paru’s options and features first via their GitHub so you have an idea.

No, it has been stated here before in a previous thread somewhere I can’t remember, but it is safe to have both installed.

I don’t think there is a reason to take a “wait and see approach”. The talk about yay's demise was just a bunch of internet nonsense. There are many AUR helpers and these are just two of them. Of course, if you want both installed, go for it.

Having both installed won’t hurt anything. However, if you have any devel packages, the behaviour will be a bit odd if you switch back and forth since they both maintain a database of devel packages. Also, PKGBUILD diffs won’t work as well if you are switching back and forth. I recommend picking the one you prefer and sticking with it.

paru/rust takes longer to build when there is an update but it runs faster. yay/go is the opposite.

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This is why î asked. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w3j3tivcm50&t=41s