Systemd bootup stops after kernel selection - no output on screen

Hi I just updated my 2 laptops. Both current & lts kernels. I use systemd boot.

After the update and a reboot the boot process stops with no output.
I can select a kernel and then boot stops where I’d expect to enter my decryption password.

Only fallback kernels work.

I did a
sudo mkinitcpio -P
as well as a
´sudo reinstall-kernels´

Both did not help.

Any Ideas? Can’t provide any output. Kernel images in /efi/… look good in regard of size.

EDIT - just found this one here.

Will keep track of that thread instead…

If the fallback images work, it means there is something missing from your boot image.

Can you share the output from inxi -Fxxxz and sudo reinstall-kernels



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I had the same problem. Noticed I had updated mkinitcpio to 36 something. Reverted it to 35.2.1 and reinstalled kernel. Profit \o/


Thanks, I had the same problem this helped me

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Helped here, too.
Will wait for version 36.0.1 then :wink:

@kuki @grymphen are you both using systemd-boot or are you using grub?

I’m using systemd-boot

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I also use systemd-boot

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I wonder if something changed in mkinitcpio 36 that requires changes in kernel-install-mkinitcpio

I will look at it tonight after work.

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Maybe the similar issue:

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After some investigation this looks like an issue with mkinitcpio to me.

I have opened an upstream bug report and we will see what they say:

EDIT: After further looking I don’t think this is an issue with mkinitcpio.


Comment by Toolybird (Toolybird) - Friday, 02 June 2023, 01:44 GMT

mkinitcpio now lives in the Arch GitLab instance [1] and all mkinitcpio issues need to be filed there. Please resubmit your issue there. Thanks :slight_smile:


I saw that. Posting an issue at Arch’s gitlab requires an account in their account system which I don’t have. I will create one when I have some time.

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I migrated the issue to Arch’s gitlab:

I also updated kernel-install-mkinitcpio with a temporary fix until it is fixed upstream.

It is worth noting that if you upgrade mkinitcpio and kernel-install-mkinitcpio at the same time, you will need to run sudo reinstall-kernels afterwords because of the order the hooks run.


I updaed with yay right now - sudo reinstall-kernels after that. Works again after a reboot. Thanks!

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I just pushed a new version of kernel-install-mkinitcpio that has been brought in alignment with latest versions of systemd and mkinitcpio. I also removed the temporary patch.