Systemd-boot solved!

Thanks to Dalto’s excellent explanation I was able to edit my loader.conf file using Nano! Solved a days old issue.



what was the issue ? =)

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The default was set to an older version of arch; 8fda2b8cb44b4bc0a1f40d12a7b89200-6.6.7-arch1-1.conf. 6.6.10 was available but not default. I think it got messed up somehow during the mesa glitch some days ago.

what is in terminal : ls /usr/lib/modules

6.1.4-arch1-1 6.6.10-arch1-1

What are you thinking?

might thinking wrong. :slight_smile: nvm :slight_smile:

sudo bootctrl list
sudo bootctl set-default (id) (of that bootctl list, can change to default)

Thanks, but not sure I understand. Checked out the commands; seems like an easier/faster way then editing loader.conf? I have “extra/libnvme 1.7.1-1” installed, not sure what it does.

library probably nvme idk :slight_smile:

ah wel bootctl got lot options to boot temporely or set net default for boot