Systemd-boot is being pretty jank. Encryption problems

I fresh installed EndeavourOS recently. I usually use GRUB but the default option was systemd-boot so I went with that. Basically when it boots I have to type my password in 3-4 times. It just stops taking my input after a few letters sometimes and goes to the next partition and then it’ll go back to it at the end. I have to type in the password for every single partition on top of that. GRUB was just one and done. WTF is this s***?

I believe LUKS uses English-US as the default keyboard layout. I’m just guessing that’s not true for your keyboard layout.

If you prefer grub you still can use it - just select it via the installer. Since the iso only came out a few days ago, you’d be better served reinstalling at this point if you decide to change.

Nah, my keyboard is en-us. I may just do that re-install. Systemd-boot has been very annoying so far and nothing I find online seems to help.