Systemd-boot failing to boot

Hi everybody, unfortunately this is going to be a long one.

The other night I had a game crash, while verifying files with Steam my PC froze. Since then I’ve been getting errors when booting, sometimes this

Failed to execute EndeavourOS (6.6.8-arch1-1) (\74be6a55460648e790afa5c9bc15secaf\6.6.8-arch1-1\linux): Load Error

and sometimes

systemd-boot: Assertion 'Code should not be reached' failed at ../systemd-stable/src/boot/efi/efi-string.c:888@handle-format-specifier, halting.

I thought maybe one of my partitions had filled up so I tried booting from a live USB with endeavour installed and got the errors

EFI stub: ERROR: Failed to decompress kernel
EFI stub: ERROR: efi_stub_entry() failed
Failed to execute EndeavourOS x86_64 UEFI Default (\arch\boot\x86_64\vmlinux-linux): Load Error

I verified the USB installer was good by booting it on a different computer, but could not get my pc to boot using it. I finally got my pc to boot using a USB with the default arch installer. I reinstalled systemd-boot using the instructions from the archwiki and was able to boot to my endeavour install. I was noticing some file corruption so I used pacman -Qkk and found a bunch of packages with mismatching checksums. After rebooting again I’m getting the same errors as above. Trying to boot from the arch USB is failing too.

I built this PC in Nov '22 and have been running endeavour the whole time with no problems before this. I installed some new RAM on Dec 25 '23 and the problems started on Dec 28. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve got hardware problems, but memtest86 didn’t find any problems with the RAM and smartctl doesn’t show any errors on my nvme drive. I wouldn’t think my CPU would suddenly have problems, but I’m not sure.

Any thoughts about what the problem might be or how I can get my PC to boot from USB so I can reinstall?


This looks like something is wrong with what was written to the USB or with the USB itself.

That’s what I thought too, but I was able to successfully boot to the installer with it on a different PC

my guess is that there is something with your hardware.

Are you sure the memory is compatible with your board/processor?
Can you test the new memory in a other system?
Memory overclocked?
Re seat the memory modules, maybe it helps

Do you have the old memory modules? if so use them to test if your problem goes away

I think you are right about it being hardware. The new memory is the same brand/speed as what was already in it. I removed the new memory and was still having problems so I tried updating the BIOS and now it wont post, the CPU LED is on. Maybe I bumped the cooler when installing the new RAM, so I’m going to try reseating the CPU and see what happens

At this point, I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t with the OS.

Thanks for the suggestions.