Systemd-boot and Spectre/Meltdown patches

Hello everyone.

I have a relatively simple question.

It happens so that my main working machine currently is an old laptop HP Pavilion g6 2211sr.

I have upgraded it to the maximum possible level (AMD A10-5750M CPU, 16GB RAM, SSD) but still for some tasks I need better performance.

I have 2 kernels installed on my system, traditional and Zen, and I want to tune my boot loader to start without Spectre/Meltdown patches when I’m booting with Zen kernel.

The majority of manuals I’ve found in the internet are suitable for Grub boot loader and I’m a systemd-boot user.

Am I right that if I add string “mitigations=off” to a file /efi/loader/entries/xxx-zen.conf, I will get the desired result.

Thanks in advance.

Add it to the options parameters.

Thanks a lot

options nvme_load=YES nowatchdog rw mitigations=off

like that or I should make a separate string

options nvme_load=YES nowatchdog rw
options mitigations=off


Both should be fine. Just check if it worked afterwards with lscpu. There is a “Vulnaribilities” section at the end.