Systemctl enable not working, no login screen and no internet by default

Hmm, ok thanks

But one thing i just noticed, endeavour uses almost 800mb of ram right after boot, my pc only has 2gbs do you think endeavour is too heavy for my machine? If yes, do you have any arch based recommendations if it’s not a bother, please?

I do have a machine with 3GB that runs okay, 2GB are not good in any way for using a Browser not an issue for OS or normal tasks like Office or Mail… you can somehow add swapfile and a high swappiness to work a round but all modern Browsers do nee more then 2 GB …

Hm… Then what do i do? I plan on just playing simple games, but that usually do on windows, the only one that i wanted to play on linux is minetest, but in endeavour it is causing the whole sistem to freeze when i enter a world, at least on this install.
Anyway, should i just stay with endeavour then?

Oh, just remembered that when i finished this install i used that feature to upload the log, here is it:

Ok, i don’t think this is going anywere so I’ll create another topic with the newly discovered original problem, thanks guys.

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