System76 supports right to repair. An interview with a System76 engineer


System76 are not particularly cheap. But the video provides a good explanation for this by the work that goes into making open source firmware, and I think the price is justified.


Yeah, and they don’t get to enjoy cheap slave labour of Chinese prisoners and children, like bigger companies. At least not to that extent… Their products are assembled in the USA, but the components are, of course, Chinese.


I would like to buy the Thelio Mira Desktop but it’s pricey in US $$ converted to Cdn. Especially when you change the default configuration.

I’ve been watching Louis on and off in the past. I like his videos of repairs he makes, less so his rants about various topics. Also he has a style of making a 5 minute topic into a repetitive talk lasting half an hour. The right to repair topic however I find interesting and worth popularizing.


Honestly, cut an io sheild in the back and add front IO and you’ve got yourself a well made quality PC case. Imagine if they sold the case seperately

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I’m just saying i like their desktops. I think they are quite nice and PopOS is okay. The only issue i have is i wish they had more desktop choices because Gnome is not my thing.