System76-power and dracut

Hello everyone,

New forum member here. I did a search and could not find anything on this topic.

The package system76-power uses mkinitcpio to manage my GPU. However, because Endeavour OS switched to dracut, this program fails to switch my GPU settings because it expects mkinitcpio to be there.

I know if the package maintainer updates the package, or if I switch to mkinitcpio, this will resolve the issue.

However, is there any way for me to translate and execute the mkinitcpio call to dracut instead? So I don’t have to switch off of dracut or wait for the maintainer to facilitate?

What would be amazing and make everyone’s lives easier if there was a way to mask calls to mkinitcpio to operate dracut so the transition could be seamless. I see many users on here complaining about the change because this functionality is not available.


You would need to alter the patch and use dracut-rebuild instead. You would also need to remove the argument call.

Thank you for your reply. How exactly would I do this?