System update through yay

I m updating my system using yay and while update something new came up on terminal i haven’t use it before so id don’t what should i do next…
Need helpp…

You asked it to show you the diff between versions of an AUR package so it did.

Try pressing the key q

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Now here what should i press

It’s up to you if you accept the package changes or not.

Is this your first time updating? This looks all very normal.

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Nope not the first time but like this update i haven’t done before
I m newbie so dont’t know…

You may find this helpful:


If you want to update all those packages, just press “enter”


Thank u sir its solved !!!

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There’s a lot of information here about updating. Someone even went out and wrote a fairly legnthy comprehensive guide to updating for beginners. It’s in the welcome thread you probably read if you’re new.


Thank your sir i will sure read it…

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