System suspends even while being used

Hi there,

Having successfully made internet work on my device, I’ve found a problem once the system suspends for the first time after boot. After returning from being suspended for the first time after boot, the system will suspend at random intervals even while being actively used and with all system settings set to not suspend or dim the screen.

Is this a firmware issue? I’ve noticed this issue when I had a different Linux distro installed on this device, and I have no clues on how to prevent this.

Post the journal logs.

$ journalctl -b 0 | eos-sendlog
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Post the journal logs.

Is there something I should be looking for in these logs?

Is this OK ? : (10 years old BIOS … )
Feb 16 11:45:41 zenzehn-surface kernel: DMI: Microsoft Corporation Surface with Windows 8 Pro/Surface with Windows 8 Pro, BIOS 1.07.0050 11/28/2014
Just noticed in your file.

I don’t know very well this architecture so maybe a good knowledgeable member will help you better :wink:

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The logs you posted aren’t the logs for the problematic boot. I don’t see any random suspensions in there. From what I see, these logs describe the state of the system after a fresh reboot.

Just use your system normally for now. When the issue occurs again, immediately run this command again:

$ journalctl -b 0 | eos-sendlog

I do see something weird after this line:

Feb 16 11:46:51 zenzehn-surface systemd[1118]: Reached target GNOME session X11 services.

There are few messages starting from here, that suggest a successful login, but right after those, looks like it starts immediately to shut down. I don’t see any obvious error message, maybe it is before the above message somewhere.

@zenzehn try a different desktop, let’s see if it does the same thing. Also did you try to set up hibernation?

I neglected fixing my device for a while, apologies for the bump. Here’s the new pastebin.

There seems to be something about Process 47, along with this file being much shorter. Is there something with the hardware itself perhaps?