System Setting via Screen Edge

I would like to get System Settings to pop up by touching the left screen edge, but System Settings is not listed as an option in the dropdown.

Is there a way to make this work?

Since my system is in Swedish it’s better to show you a screenshot of where you should start.

Then just click on the left edge and select start program and appoint System Settings.


I’ll try this tonight when I get home. Thank you

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You can’t do this, the option to run a program is not there. Or am I missing something :exploding_head:


I’m not at my laptop right now.

When he first gave that answer, I couldn’t remember ever seeing an option for programs from my memory, but I willing to chalk it up to me forgetting.

Thanks for saying something!

EDIT: Maybe different Compositors have different options for Screen Edge? I don’t know.

Any chance you could post the readout of screenfetch from your setup, please?

I’m curious as to what version of Plasma, Kwin, etc. that you have.

You can get this feature with a little aur program:

1 aur/lead-git r23.958fdca-5 (+0 0.00) (Installed: r27.4b9bd7a-1)

It does sides as well. Just make sure you disable the kwin actions first.

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Well, I obviously remembered wrong, but obviously I got it set up a year ago, but how is another matter. :wink:

At least I pointed you to the screen edge settings.

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