System randomly freezes

if you do not need wireless network i would try to disable it in the Firtmware/Bios.

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What is confusing for me is that I have used this laptop for years on many different distros. I used it with endeavourOS for a couple months as well and this is the first time I encounter this problem… Also unfortunately I rely completely on Wifi for everything I do.

yay -Qs rt
and …
inxi -Na

yay -Qs rt

inxi -Na

so reallly using the driver from kernel package… thereare some AUR ones and as I said … a lot reports on issues like yours for TUF and the wifi chip—

per example by

The catched journal snipped shows issue with driver and firmware for the wifi device…

I came across this github thread, and there are still some open issues about the same problem. I just followed the instructions here

Will give it another day, or week, to see if the problem happens again. Thank you again for your especially kind help! And I apologize if I don’t provide the important information right away.

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I didn’t say that - I said that the driver mentioned in your log output appears to be the out-of-tree module, and not one included in the kernel.

Did you install a driver for the wifi card at any point? If not then blacklisting the kernel driver and trying rtw88-dkms-git instead is definitely worth trying. Otherwise, if there is only one driver available then blacklisting a driver isn’t going to help.

You complained on Telegram that your thread was being ignored, and in the reply above I tried to explain why. I don’t regard that as condescending.

However, people will get frustrated when you provide only some of the requested information, e.g. answer only one of three questions. You missed a fairly important question from a few posts back:

If something was working and then stops working, whatever changed between it working and not working is very likely to explain what caused the problem.



RTL8822ce is a dogshit card. The solution is to buy another Wifi card and replace it. In my case, my laptop is Asus TUF FX505DT, for which I bought an Intel AX210NGW card and now I enjoy stable internet as well as a stable system. I had moved to PopOS to test if the problem persists across OSes, and the problem went away for a couple of days, but sure enough, turns out the problem was still there. There is NOTHING that can fix this card. Save your sanity and replace it ASAP. The new card costed me 20 Euro and it’s worth it.


this is in 79% the best solution if possible :wink:
I see that in case of wifi cards/dongles(chips it is the case that some of them only work under windows because … they fix some defects or bad manufactured stuff on windows drivers/firmware.
Remeinds me on that thingy to use windows drivers under Linux? Ndiswrapper

Actually this card is also dogshit on Windows. The reason it didn’t cause me problems for so long, was that I lived in a 3rd world country and my maximum speed was 4Mbps on a 2.4Ghz network. Now I have 100Mbps, so it seems like the card can’t handle good internet, and after a couple of months of use, the card gave up.

Lots of research said that even on Windows people are replacing this card. There’s no other option, so it’s 100% the solution. Nothing else works, and fighting it will just cause more headaches.

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