System not running

Hello everyone!

Just about 2-3 days ago I noticed that the system is booting. But when I log in there is nothing, just an empty desktop. No services wake up, no internet and no KDE interface. Run only clear desktop and wallpapers. But on 2 or 3 restarts, everything was loading.

Today this problem remains and several restarts did not help.
I disconnected phys. usb devices from the computer for the sake of curiosity. For example keyboard, microphone, mouse. And , the system boots and everything works!

Where can I find a solution to this problem?

kde plasma? installed before upgrade to plasma 6?
any detail?
see here:

We would like a detailed list of items you have connected using USB.

Best to post the output of the inxi -Fxxc0z.

Problem solved

I most likely have a problem with the usb plug from the back plate on the motherboard.

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