System has gpe storm after update

Something went wrong with updating the kernal around a week ago. The problems

Acpi error galore, no handler installed for several things related to power management, shutdown etc
Journald did not start, had to use fallback interim
System cpu 100 as journal kept writing huge log file
Updated again and now journal starts and does not write huge file. Cpu still max
Memory leak, my systems memory will fill and the system will go to a frozen blank screen.
Xterm does not show what is using the cpu or memory. Just that its maxed out.

How do i go about fixing or diagnosing this better. I would scrap it and reinstall but I want to keep my rice and app data.

Grab the USB stick you installed with, establish a chroot from the live environment, and install another kernel (for example the LTS kernel) to see if you have better luck booting with that.

Or just try to reinstall linux linux-headers with:

pacman -S linux linux-headers

And see if it fixed it and sure why not add the LTS kernel and a backup :thinking: