System freezing on latest kernel 6.4.2

I’m not sure if it is the latest kernel (6.4.2) or the latest Plasma update, but I encountered random system freezes on my Ryzen 4000 series machine with integrated graphics. (I couldn’t find a similar issue on the net with the latest updates)
I also tried to switch between x11 and Wayland but the results were the same.
The LTS kernel doesn’t have them. I’m just putting this on here for those who have similar issues.

The system freezing mostly occurred when I was using Firefox and/or when using the terminal. I don’t think those two have anything to do with the freezing in particular, but I just thought to mention it.


LTS + X for the win! :upside_down_face:

Anything in the journal?

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Sorry for not replying, I was out on my velomobile enjoying the weather.
I couldn’t find anything that jumped out in the journals, but the recent kernel update 6.4.3 seems to be more stable. I have been working on it for three hours straight and no freezing occurred, but I will be more sure after 6 hours of working.
Although, I haven’t tried Wayland yet but that is another level of “adventure”.

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