System freezes when memory is fully used

Hello, So I have this problem, when the memory Is full the system completely freezes and I have to ‘hard shutdown’. I have made a bigger swap to fix this issue temporarily, but It’s not ideal. I do a lot of memory intensive tasks and I don’t really monitor my memory usage and it freezes every once in a while. Is there a way to fix this issue? like not allowing the swap to becomes full or something.

Honestly the best solution is to upgrade your hardware - it’ll only get worse with time if you don’t

If you can’t add memory sticks, try an Out Of Memory killer, like oomd or earlyoom.

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I’ll check them out, Thanks

As they mentioned they do a lot of memory intensive tasks, without actually updating hardware this issue is likely to just get worse over time, this is a “solution” but I can’t see it lasting very long

Upgrading isn’t a thing I can do atm. I would have to replace MB and buy a new ram configuration.

What is the hardware btw? post the url

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

How memory you have? What does this show in terminal?


Although it isn’t something you can do it seems like something you should seriously consider especially since we have no ides what tasks are chewing your memory. It may even result that you may need to completely upgrade/replace - i just cut a good mate off from support a few weeks ago since they refuse to upgrade anything and just expect things to work. Linux is great but it ain’t no infinite cheat code

I think you hit the nail on the head. This is why i asked to see the hardware output so one knows what we are dealing with. Modern hardware shouldn’t have this problem on linux. It’s likely that the hardware is too outdated. :thinking:

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Yeah I will surely upgrade my system later. I’m not counting on linux to magically make my system better.

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As your topic says your memory is running out - swap isn’t ram so I would look at upgrading this first.
As an example I have 12gb of ram but even though I’m only using around 2gb of this the system depending on the programs running will still use swap (around 500mb)

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