System freezes after login screen

After I enter the correct password on the login screen, the system completely hangs/ freezes and stops on the login screen. not even moving to the desktop nor I can move the mouse cursor.

I noticed that this happens on wayland but not on x11. I have an nvidia rtx 3060 razer laptop.
How can I fix this issue?

Is it gnome or kde or something else?
There is an issue with gnome it comes and goes. No one really knows why.

As I also have an Nvidia GPU, I continue to use X11 for the time being (and I expect many others), due to the known issues current Nvidia drivers have with Wayland.

Fixes for these issues are in the pipeline, and will will hopefully be available as release builds soon.

That said, being able to at least log into Wayland should be quite achievable (just don’t expect it to be completely without any graphical hiccups).

Have a look at enabling Nvidia DRM. I found this helped me with the login issue.

It was happeninig on KDE not GNOME

I feels kinda lost. Could you post what to do in steps?

@winnyace provided a good summary of steps here (thanks @winnyace! :purple_heart:):