System boots into Dracut mode

Hello, I’m not able to boot normally in m system, DE Gnome, they I regularly keeps updated.
I can boot in the fallback initramfs, choosing it as the system starts.
I attach the image since I’m unable to copy the lines.
Please, any help?
will need to boot from liveiso…and rebuild kernel images after doing / redoing a full system update (all inside chroot)
yay to make sure you catch AUR updates… may also effected by python upgrade so keep looking for.

and do rebuild kernel images depending on using grub or systemd-boot:


thanks, that is very easy to say… :rofl:
Could be better reinstall the OS?

You should follow Joe’s instructions. On a re-install you might just run into the same issue again. :wink:

Plus, this will give you a much better understanding of how things work…

It looks like I don’t have optimus-manager installed.
And the instructions are not that clear for me.
Do I rebuild kernel images with the command sudo reinstall-kernels?

If you can boot from the fallback, you can just boot into your system and run sudo dracut-rebuild


And that’s all? I just wrote that I booted from the fallback.

Then reboot and see if that fixes it.


Oh yes, it did it! Thank you so much.
You’re my savior! :clap:


this is indeed… a way more simple way to solve it :wink:


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