Syncthing Not Upto Date?

It seems that syncthing is stuck at version 1.17.0-1 . It has been flagged out of date since 2021-07-06 . The newest version is 1.18.0 . I noticed this when syncthing in my phone updated to 1.18.0 but on my laptop it didn’t . So does anyone know anything about this ?

Maintainer probably on holiday or had no time to update it in general. Or there is some sort of problem with the new version when building for arch.

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There is a an AUR binary package, that is on version 1.18. Maybe use that in the meantime.

You can also grab an updated version compiled from the Arch PKGBUILD from my repo [sig].

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It is odd that there is a binary package in AUR for something that is also in the repos. I thought that was against the rules?

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It is unless there are mitigating circumstances, e.g. the upstream binary is somehow compiled “differently” or there are other changes:

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Well…Arch does apply this single line patch so I guess you could argue it is different.

diff -aur syncthing.old/build.go syncthing/build.go
--- syncthing.old/build.go	2019-09-07 20:03:56.466643638 +0200
+++ syncthing/build.go	2019-09-07 20:05:18.164000404 +0200
@@ -343,7 +343,6 @@
 	if runtime.GOARCH == "amd64" {
 		switch runtime.GOOS {
 		case "darwin", "linux", "freebsd": // , "windows": # See
-			args = append(args, "-race")
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There might be an outstanding bug:

Not sure how upstream is compiling it if there’s an issue compiling with Go… maybe a different Go version than the one in the repos?