Sync setup in progress: Microsoft Edge Dev

Recently, I get this endless (error) message, signing in and back to my Microsoft account doesn’t help, and resetting sync doesn’t help either. I’ve tested it on several other distributions, it seems to work under openSuse and Linux Mint. They also complain about this on the Microsoft forum. What else can be done?

I don’t know what the cause of that issue is but I would point out that you are using development builds of a pre-release browser. You should probably expect issues like this.

Have you tried a canary build to see if the issue is there as well?

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Try edge-beta build instead of dev version

Now the sync sync is good again after logging in and out. It works very rhapsodically. I only saw Canary build work on a Mac.
Ps: Re-logging in and out will not help either. You need to delete the Microsoft Edge Dev profile directory, and then even remove the remaining garbage using BleachBit, for example. For now, it looks like the message “Sync setup in progress” only appears for a while after launching the browser, then sync turns on. We’ll see how long it stays that way.

Beta is not an option for me because syncing history only works on Edge Dev.

If that is the case. Report the bug to them and in a few versions that should be fixed

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