Switching to pipewire for older EndeavourOS installations

Hi all

I very pleased to hear pipewire becoming the default audio service for EndeavourOS.
I have have read somewhere in the release notes, that exiting installation participate from all changes coming along the code base for packages and installations - which I understood in the way that every user participate.
I have check what audio service is running on my system and its still pulseaudio. Do I have to follow the Arch wiki for switching to pipewire or is there some tooling coming from EndeavorOS which does this for the user.

Best Alex

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The Arch Wiki is just about the greatest Linux resource for anything. Period.

There is the TL:DR version here though


“Tooling? Don’t need no stinking tooling…” pacman -S pipewire pipewire-pulse


Many thanks for the link. This was what I was searching for.

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If @Joseph’s solution solved your issues please mark it as the solution so the thread gets closed after 2 days. And would make it easier for others to find the solutions as well.

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