Switching from Manjaro to EndeavourOS, want to keep my Win10 vm

I’m planning on switching my distro from Manjaro (currently using) to EndeavourOS in the near future. My main concern, amongst other smaller ones, is that I have a working Win10 vm with GPU passthrough (I have a dual GPU setup) that I use for playing games. My question is, how difficult would it be to simply copy over the vm once EOS is installed and running? Since I don’t use virtual storage (Win10 is installed on its own NVME drive) I figure all that I would have to do once I install EOS and all the libvirt/virt-manager etc. packages is enable IOMMU in grub, isolate my GPU, and then copy my old vm’s XML file back into the libvirt directory where it’s supposed to be and the vm should be the same as before? Has anybody had experience with changing host OS and copying over vm’s with passthrough? Is there anything I’m not thinking of that I would need to back up/look out for?

there should be no difficulty at all, providing QEMU/KVM is set properly :slight_smile:


Sounds complicated…but if it works in Mnajaro then it should just work with EOS. I cannot confirm as I have never done this sort of virtualisation,; mainly virtualbox, LXC.

As always; do backups!!

It is pretty easy to copy the VM files. Of course, you will have to reconfigure passthrough again from scratch on a new OS.

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Ok great, that’s what I was thinking but I just wanted a seond opinion on if I was missing something. Reconfiguring passthrough shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve already done it before on an Arch-based distro that uses grub and it went pretty smoothly. Thanks for the replies. It’s exciting hopping to a new distro, here’s hoping all goes well or I’ll probably be right back here :sweat_smile:

just in case: you can follow this guide. It’s detailed and well made :wink:

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Nice, that’s a handy guide thank you.