Switching from integrated intel graphics to amd/ati

I had an old HD 6670 lying around, so I put in my motherboard.
I was using integrated intel graphics before, hd 2500.
The thing I wanna know is that does EOS by default do any specific gpu configurations as opposed to arch linux which I need to change/revert?
Also, I installed the xf86-video-ati package and it seems to be working good but I had this question in mind so wanted to ask.
Like does the EOS installer do any hardware related configs which vanilla arch doesn’t do?

I think it is not doing anything out of the ordinary. But graphics drivers can be tricky on some machines, so hard to guarantee anything.

If that driver is working well, then there’s no need to try xf86-video-amdgpu. Otherwise that would be the alternative.

I presume, everythin will be automaticaly configured, AMD open source drivers work quite well, I do
gaming with ( flight sim ) no problem usually…

Cool. I mean does the EOS installer does any cool stuff with the configurations for video drivers apart from pacman itself making/creating config files which I might need to rm -rf?

I’m not sure about AMD GPUs, but I think nothing special.
For Nvidia we have some extra stuff.

And for intel? As I had intel graphics at the time of installation and not the amd card.

Not for intel either.
Intel has the kernel mode driver and also a separate driver package.
Usually newer machines use the kernel mode driver, and older need the package. But that just needs to be tested in the machine.

But if you change the GPU, you may need to do some blacklisting or other stuff.
Our wiki pages have good information about it.