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I am new here. Just registered the account today. I am not new to Linux. Been using it one way or another since 2006. I am currently on Manjaro Budgie edition that I installed back in 2018. It’s working fine for now, but the gnome updates have started to break budgie a little. Going through their (Solus) plans for future, they are likely to write their own DE. I am worried if changes to gnome are going to keep breaking budgie. So I was looking for maybe a change. something arch based only because I can’t move away from that and maybe try gnome again. I have tried eOS in VM before in past and just tried it today in VM. It looks pretty exciting.

I was thinking about making a checklist of things to make sure I don’t miss anything. I have gpg and SSH keys that I need to check how to backup and restore. config files. I am on SSD which was formatted with MBR partition table that I will switch to GPT. I could use some tips. It’s been a while since I changed distros so want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Which eOS flavours are officially supported? On Manjaro, it was gnome, KDE and XFCE. the other DE forums barely got any answers.

welcome akya and enjoy your stay here.
when you go to our website you see the flavours that are supported:

keep in mind that the sway and bspwm editions are community-editions


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Welcome to the EnOS community! There are a lot of DE officially mainteined and a few community one, but I have to say that the community is so great here then even for the not official DE/WM you will receive a lot of help. Just ask and it will be answered :wink:


We do not have Editions for every Desktop like Manjaro, aside from XFCE4 and i3 all Desktops come as they are without any configurations preconfigured, only wallpaper is set.
But we do support any DE/WM you can think of here at the forum.


Welcome :grin: just FYI, the other DE come also with the eos welcome app/tool and wallpaper but no special theming. You start with a fully functional system and build it to your liking.

it a clean canvas :wink: Customise how like :enos_flag:. No " This what we think you should like " it your system , so your choice . Endeavouros give you base/ tools :+1: after that it yours :innocent:


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The concept of flavours doesn’t really apply to EOS. There’s a single install ISO and you choose your favorite desktop environment (XFCE, Gnome, KDE etc) at install time. You can even pick more than one, although that can lead to interference between them further down the line (so it’s best to just pick one).
Here’s the list of DE’s currently available via the official installer:


Do keep in mind that if you install more than one DE at a time, and it breaks your system, you get to keep the pieces! This does not stop you from doing it, especially in the lower-risk categories like combining a WM and a DE, and we will TRY to help if you do it - but no guarantees!

BTW - separate DEs for separate user accounts are pretty trouble-free - or doing it my way and multi-booting different whole systems to try out alternate DEs are good for limiting the potential troubles…

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Welcome @akya
You say you are on SSD which has MBR. If this is a newer system that has UEFI make sure secure boot is disabled and use as GPT partition to install using UEFI mode not MBR.

@ricklinux ah thanks for that. Never tried that before. Only legacy MBR boot till now. This system is from 2015.

@nate Okay I got it now. I will pick one DE only. I am going to try a few in VM to decide.

If you want you can post your hardware specs here. Just boot on the endeavouros live usb and post the link for the following. I can look at it and see if there is anything to advise about before installing.

inxi -Faz --no-host | eos-sendlog

I’ve heard that installing multiple DEs is a no go. I’m am new to enos but Ive installed 3-4 DEs at the beginning. Can you explain how it breaks the system and how it might be solved by using different user accounts for different DEs?

It will not break system in means like not able to boot etc. What breaks are configs of different DEs are stored in shared locations. So for example if you install KDE and GNOME for same user, it will be barely usable and would require a lot of time to actually fix it.


Thanks for clarifying. It was very helpful. So to overcome this issue and still have multiple DE, I just need to setup different DEs for different users and the issues would be solved? Would this mean I have to install different softwares for different users? Also how to have a common documents/downloads folders?

Yes, what @razor means is that lot of configurations get stored in /home folder for the user. Also, .desktop files that run stuff on DE load. Having more than one DE might cause issues by launching some service or a background process from another DE. So, having different users for different DE’s solves this because there are different user folders.

You can install the same software. Install everything under one user after configuring it you can copy those files from the /home folder and put them in other user accounts /home folders. So you can have the same configuration in all accounts.

Highly doubtful about this. Those folders get created under the users /home folder. Unless you have a folder on a different hard drive or a partition which are independent of the user folder.

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What I meant was installing the same software for different users. So that isn’t necessary. So I just need to copy the config files/folder from the first user to the others, if I’m interpreting this correctly.