Switching between Pipewire and Pulseaudio

On Atlantis you can untag pipewire in audio selection, if so it will install pulseaudio, may you need to add some extra packages after install… or add them inside liveuser home user_pkglist and they will get installed…
But also switching is working without any issues… i have done that back and forth several times…


Thanks @joekamprad , wasn’t sure i could unselect(didn’t look or think about it either lol.) it during install.

Could it be that upgrading Endeavouros wich was installed with a “old” ISO installs pulsewire too?

Because one time i had scary sound crackling and found out pipewire was installed. after removal everything worked again.

I had the issue maybe because i use pulseaudio with swh-plugins to realize realtime volume normalization.

I even didnt know for what pipewire is needed… pulseaudio works great? nvm. i dont understand why wayland for example is needed too. X11 works great too, and isnt slower :slight_smile:

Maybe its like in Lethal Weapon… Im to old for this shit :joy: