Switching back to KDE Plasma Kalendar from Merkuro

Hello -

First off, I’m new to EOS (using it a couple of months now), but am not new to Linux. I’ve been using it full time as daily driver for about 15 years.

This morning I did my usual weekly update (done via CLI) and not thinking about it (yes, I realize it’s my mistake), when EOS asked me if I wanted to switch from Kalendar to Merkuro , I said yes. Well, Merkuro is a mess IMO and has numerous bugs and doesn’t respect my settings. However, I can no longer find Kalendar in the repo. It was previously available (I had it installed). I don’t use any part of Kontact and liked that Kalendar was a separate app.

Any way I can switch back to Kalendar?

If any other info may help, please ask.


Kalendar was renamed to Merkuro. It is the same application.

It is just the latest version. Since it was just released, it may currently have some bugs.

You could try installing kalendar from the ALA but I am not confident it would work since the libraries have also changed. It is possible that would cause a mess.

Thanks for the quick response @dalto. Much appreciated. Interesting that it regressed if they just renamed it and incorporated it into Kontacts.

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There is more info here:

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