Switched from KDE to Gnome for work and QT Titlebars are Messed Up

image (Dolphin QT App)
image (Firefox GTK App)

I installed Gnome and KDE as my DE when doing the initial install. I did the full install of gnome myself afterwords to see if that would fix it, I also followed this https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Uniform_look_for_Qt_and_GTK_applications I’m using a custom them (Yaru Purple Dark) but I really don’t want to have to give that up.

What kind of work do you do that requires GNOME?

Personally, I’d quit. :rofl:


I dont’t think you will be able to use the yaru theme on qt apps. See the archwiki on how to run these in non kde environments:


Oh gnome is really good for college.

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How do I set an enviornment variable? Is that the one where you put it in the >>~/.profile?

Depends on where you want to set it.
There are local environment variables and global environment variables.
Each DE does local environment variables differently.
Read more here:

I’ve read the article but It’s one of those things I don’t quite understand :sweat_smile:

What’s strange is what fixes it is switching from one theme back to another within the tweaks tool

Nevermind it does this now

Huh. That’s a first for me. I’ve never heard of gnome as a college requirement. Where do you go to university?? That’s wild.


Well hell yeah, nowadays the universities force you to use Linux and a DE! I think that would be a nice problem to have. Rather than being forced to use zoom or MS teams, Ms office… :scream:


Better it be KDE if you want to get some work done. :laughing:


Depends, gnome uses extensions that break, and hence force the user to keep tweaking to a minimum = more focus?

Btw I have been using gnome for a couple of weeks but the workflow is weird. I am torn between using the keyboard and the mouse/touchpad. I think my problem is that I got used too much to i3wm.

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I haven’t been able to get past installing Gnome. I have no idea what extensions i need or should use and or why. It’s a no go for me…

In principle none. The less the better

I wish it just had normal packages to install. I wish it worked differently. I don’t like the way it works.

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That’s ok, definitely not for everyone.

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Pop shell tiling. Dash to dock.

That’s it. Everything else is good to go.

For me it Gnome was a huge cat and mouse game. Gnome would come out with a new version that would remove a feature I liked(they have to be the only DE I have ever seen that keeps taking features away instead of giving them). Someone would make an extension giving me back that feature, a new Gnome version comes out breaks that extension and takes away another feature causing the need to have yet another extension.

That being said I would love if someone cloned the app dashboard(or whatever they call it in gnome) because I like it more than the closest counterpart for KDE but the rest of the features they keep ripping out for no reason made it frustrating for me. I do like the way Pop_os has it settup though but I don’t like ubuntu based distros enough to use it.

Exactly … this another one of my turn offs. Ubuntu!