Switch to external monitor on laptop with damaged screen

I just finished my installation with gnome as my de.
As title says my laptop has no monitor (got damaged) so I can only use external monitors.
Installation was possible bc the Live Installer mirrored to all connected monitors.
Now after starting my machine I get no image, probably bc it is only displaying on the laptop’s internal monitor.
How do I switch to the external monitors without beeing able to see anything that’s displayed?
Thanks for your time!

I think folding the screen down on the keyboard will force an external monitor if it’s connected. Then you can set the external monitor to the primary one.

unfortunately I removed the external monitor some time ago.
I already tried with a magnet if I could find the close sensor but with no luck.

Usually a key combo Fn+F2 on mine.

I tried but no dice.

Is there maybe something I can do via tty?

https://goinglinux.com/articles/SwitchScreens_en.htm ??

You mean you’ve removed your laptop screen?
I have a similar setup and had no issues with this.
The signal was automatically sent to the tv that is attached, I had to do nothing special.

How is your external screen attached? Mine through HDMI.

mostly notebooks have a special key to switch external on and of …

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Yea mine as well but it doesn’t work.

Going into the settings to set up a shortcut isn’t very helpful, as stated in my original post I currently have no video output because endeavour is using the laptop’s internal display, which as stated above is damaged and has been removed.

Also the suggested xrandr command there is useless as well beacuse you can’t issue x commands outside of x (as I only have access to tty as mentioned) and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t endeavour using wayland (I know at least the gnome version does)

You could try to call up BIOS at starting up. It may take some time, but the image should arrive on the external display. In the BIOS you can then, if the option is available, disable the internal display and maybe EOS will react to it.
Few years ago this worked for me on an older Lenovo with Arch Linux.

Already tried. I actually had to go in there blindly and change the settings to I could see bios, post etc on external monitors.

Please, start from the beginning to redescribe your actual issue. You have been really confusing, no offense.
Explain as you would talk to a 5 year old child (I always wanted to say this! :joy: ).

It seems your easy choice is to boot to your USB installer, having a GUI and either troubleshoot, or reinstall.

If you would manage GDM to start on the desired monitor, would be a good start. Read about configuration (files and settings) in Archwiki and upstream.

We would need more info on your system HW/SW, if you want better advice. Please, read:

first off sorry for the late reply I’ve been away from home the last couple of weeks.

I have now managed to get my system running by editing the monitors.xml file through tty3.