Swaywm the one and only :)

I’ve a question for the endeavourOS dev team :slight_smile:
I’m just curious :slight_smile:
do you plan to include also swaywm in the installation process?

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Not in the near future, the last poll I posted on wm’s, concluded that there’s not much demand within the community to put it (or any other wm) in our installer.

yes, unfortunately I suppose that not a lot of people is already using it

It is also harder to include WMs because they usually require manually setting them up before they are even barely usable. Plus it is not easy to provide the defaults that would work well for advanced as well as new users…

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I believe manjaro has a sway community spin.

Also easy to install EnOS with i3 and change to sway then


:+1: I did so the last time, it’s working fine :smiley:

I had not found it, but there is one with wayfire