Sway, Wayland or X.org for VRR 144hz?

Hello folks. Planning to get a FreeSync display with a 144Hz.
I know that FreeSync works (kinda) on Linux, but it’s implemented a bit different on various display server protocols.
I wonder what is the easiest route in configuring the FreeSync, thus the question: Sway, Wayland or Xorg?
Have anyone here dealt with high refresh rate monitor ? What works, what doesn’t?

I can only speak from my own experience with my 2 Display-Port FreeSync monitors, but for me it works flawlessly with KDE Plasma on Wayland.

When you say flawless, that means when you open the settings/display/ it shows the resolution and frequency above 60Hz without touching any configuration file?
How one checks if Freesync is enabled?

I installed the wayland-session package and I chosed from the login page the Wayland session.
Just to see if everything works. Now, the missing part is the monitor itself. Will report back when I’ll have it and maybe everything will just simply work.

Are you planning on using display port? Or Hdmi? Get certified high spec cables.

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Yes, there is surprising amount of crap out there which is not even meet specs:

Pretty sure freesync is iffy on Xorg so your best option s Wayland compositors.

Sway IS Wayland but just one implementation. Idk how well it supports freesync as i havent used it but KDE and Gnome should both be solid with freesync using their Wayland Compositors afaik.

Display port is a must for Freesync. Certified cables?
Should look into. Doesn’t the monitor provide one?

Some Monitors come with cables. I’m just saying there are good cables and there are crappy cables just like all hardware. Certified cables are ones that meet the specs they are rated for. Display port specs are 2.0 now.


The ones included with the monitor im not sure of the quality as included things tend to be “just ok/good enough”.

Even expensive cables can be questionable, and due to manufacturing tolerances a good cable brand may produce a bad cable.

I’m not really referring to it as a bad cable. What I’m getting at is they can be an inferior cable because they are cheap and not certified to meet the specifications of the Display port spec and therefore do not work properly. Sure anything you buy could have a defect. That’s not what I was getting at. What I’m getting at is if you want to run higher Hz at Higher resolution you should make sure you have hardware that is rated to do it.