Sway Edition? (I think I have some genuine reasons)

Other than the fact I love sway I think that maybe there are real reason to have one. :slight_smile:

  1. Wayland
    This one is pretty obvious, wayland is the future. (Some will argue it’s not ready, hmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) anyway perhaps it would be nice to have a option that is built soley to work on it. Because other than installing GNOME and KDE sway would the only other supported way of using wayland. The reason for a edition could be because someone who normally uses a WM would like a minimal desktop but might not be comfortable installing just base install. At least I face the same problem, and I always ending up installing the i3 edition then installing sway on top of it, then being uncomfortable with unistalling i3 :upside_down_face:

  2. Manjaro’s getting one!!! I mean we’re not competitors or anything but you know… :upside_down_face: it would be nice to able to help sway users on there migrate here.

  3. It won’t be too much work. :nerd_face: (Arguable of course!) But what I mean is it literally marketed as a drop in replacement for i3 and I’m pretty sure we have a pretty nice one of those! In addition, lots of sway’s conterparts for X11 applications eg; waybar for polybar or wofi for rofi seem a bit easier to configure. (Cause both are configured in ccs so perhaps this is somewhat easier for people coming onto it.)

Problems - (Just so i don’t appear naive)

  1. “Wayland is still beta” - I guess but like nothing’s wrong with it. It works fine you know. (That was not a good reply :upside_down_face:)
  2. Applications - Yes for those that run wayland native.
    Firefox - Yes (though it could help maybe to have a wayland one in endavour’s repositories)
    LibreOffice - Yes
    File manager - Right this is the big problem, the only native file managers are Dolphin and Nautilus so which ever we pick decides which toolkit we use. (Or ranger I guess)
    Terminals - Alacritty, Termite and Kitty
    Polybar - Waybar
    Rofi - Wofi

This would be a lot list so i’ll end it there, but yes there are alternatives to all X11 only apps and if there’s not they’ll all run on Xwayland.

  1. “Whats the point, we already have a i3 edition” - (But i like sway :cold_sweat:) anyway I guess this one makes sense, and guess the only argument would be wayland.

Me - OdiousImp
-I have no knowledge of actually creating like a edition.
-However, I have good knowledge of Sway (not exactly wayland) This was a serious preposition so I’d appear I bit stupid if I didn’t know anything about it :upside_down_face:

Anyway I went on a bit (with lots of formating errors and spelling errors I’m guessing :upside_down_face: and lots of upside down face emojis) But thoughts???


PCManFM will probably work. maybe the QT version. it is in the community repo so no additional maintenance there…

Acc both the gtk3 and qt version go wayland native. This was news to me thank you!!
Even less problems now. (Yay!!)

To be honest the only only thing we would need was fedora Firefox its avaible in the AUR so that should be too much trouble

Excuse me if I’m being naive tho

Well, I’m sold. We need sway. Ain’t nothing like keeping up with the Joneses.


Theirs started out as a unofficiall edition. Released unofficially, i think it was just yesterday they said it was to be acommunity edition and I thought we could do the same the you know :innocent:

Which manjaro release are you speaking of?

Hmmm? I mean the unofficial edition was accepted by manjaro and is on its way… still a while of course to be a community edition. I shall find the post in a sec

Here you go for those interested

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Thanks, I’ll check it out. I love EndeavourOS because its imho a lot less bloated, but i like to see whats different. :smiley:


@joekamprad thoughts?? Hope you don’t mind me pinging you…but your developing the i3 edition so to keep the uniformity I guessing we want to keep them pretty similar??

I’ve just realised… will all gtk3 and qt apps run wayland native???

I am in for sway, with you the community, we can do all this together.
2021 will be the year for you the community to join the development of EndeavourOS in many ways!
I do hope that we will make it possible to provide a soft-landing into Archworld plus a soft-landing into all the possible Desktops and WM’s.