Sway Edition - General Conversation!

is created by https://github.com/endeavouros-team/endeavouros-theming
But we do not use DE specific wallpapers anymore in the future.
So it will be better to the one you want to use from users home directory, and if you want it for the DM you need to have it in a directory readable by the DM “user” like under /usr/share… i am not sure what would be the best to do for this to not get overwritten by package updates.

We could add them to EOS theming package what would be the simplest way.

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The second seems a lot simpler :laughing:. We will finalise the wallpapers first…

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like i say i give idea for wallpaper use or no use :+1: i no offended if no use ( truth most user will change so it a small worry )


No I love them!! I’m busy now so I can’t look through them thats all. @Shjim they are amazing and I appreciate the effort you put into them and into this while project!

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Having re-read this post, I realize I sound kind of whiny. Not intended, just reporting what I have found so far. Actually I think it is getting close.

I got my ownership and permissions worked out. Now to fix the installer so it works out of the box. Will work on next.

I installed xfce4-terminal and Welcome now partially works.
@manuel Welcome doesn’t come up automatically on first boot, where is that setting? Is that just in auto-start?

Welcome - Update System now works with xfce-terminal, but Welcome stays on top of the terminal window and cannot move the Welcome window . Sway problem, Welcome window not floating? It may be that this isn’t fixable?

Welcome - EndeavourOS default wallpaper - still comes up and says no DE.

Welcome - choose one of the EndeavourOS wallpapers - Brings up window listing wallpapers which is now endeavouros-wallpaper.png and lightdmbackground.png. All DE specific wallpapers are gone with the new endeavouros-theming package.
Select wallpaper, then OK. Comes up and says no DE. It’s like welcome does not recognize Sway as a valid DE or WM then says nope, aint gonna do it.

alacritty does not work yet in Arm. I’m out of ideas there.

Then I am totally lost on short cuts.

how to bring up wofi from keyboard

Some windows can close with Esc, Some have exit in the menu bar. How can one close a window from the keyboard, such as meta-c in i3?

Audio doesn’t work yet with PulseAudio. I switched it over to pipewire, and same symptoms.
Since Sway is wayland, I figured why now use pipewire and go wayland all the way.
Will work on audio later.

Speaking of Audio, if I click on the audio speaker on the panel, the sound settings come up but I can not get rid of the window. The only way to remove it is to log out, then log in.

There is absolutely no hurry on any of these fixes. It will be done when it’s done. No timetables or deadlines.

Also, It might be nice for someone to write up a list of short cuts, symlinks, or what ever they are called. Such as meta-enter for a new terminal in i3, meta c to close window in i3. Does Sway have equivalents to these?

At this point I will leave it up to someone else to check if any of these symptoms are present in the x86_64 version. When I am finished with the arm installer, I will have more time to check x86_64 stuff.

Looks good so far. Thank you to all who have participated in this project. :pray: It is getting close.


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Yes, /etc/xdg/autostart/welcome.desktop.

I belive most your problems are to do with not knowing the keybindings :grin:. They are sway defaults and also documented (the main ones) on the github page. https://github.com/OdiousImp2604/SwayEOS

Main shortcuts:

[mod] key is set to the winkey (or should i call it linkey?)

    [mod]+enter = open terminal (alacritty)
    [mod]+o = open Browser (firefox)
    [mod]+n = open File Manager (thunar)
    [mod]+d = app menu (wofi)
    [mod]+q = close focused app [kill]
    (Shift) Print-key = screenshot

Floating windows are moved with the mouse while holding down the super key.

Not sure about audio

Welcome taking ages to start is ossasionsly reproducible. I belive I know the problem but I don’t know welcome well enough for any of the other problems.

WIKI page is on the way…(a long long way) and I know @joekamprad is writing some app in yad to display all the keybings.

Anyway Thank you for helping and bringing this to everyone!

I think it is about Sway, as Welcome does not put itself on top. Can’t you move a window in Sway with a mouse while pressing the Alt key?

Most probably true. I’ll check this.

Edit: with what command do you set a wallpaper in Sway? Is it swaybg? Every DE has an own command for this…

exec swaybg -i path/to/wallpaper

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Could you try termite or kitty - it’s just they are wayland native and both supported by welcome

Is the exec needed here?

If its from the autostart file yes if from terminal no

It is from a bash script.

I don’t think so then

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If someone could test this, I changed file /usr/bin/eos-wallpaper-set, function WallpaperSetCommon(), around line 146 like this:

    145         *)
    146             # experimental for Sway:
    147             if [ -x /usr/bin/swaybg ] ; then
    148                 swaybg -i "$pic"
    149             else
    150                 DIE "Sorry, desktop '$DE' is not supported."
    151             fi
    152             ;;
    153     esac

After changing this simply run:

  eos-wallpaper-set DEFAULT

Hope it works.

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I’ll see in a bit. Thank you!

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I think I’m being stupid but how do I copy into it? Could post the few lines above and below? So I can copy staright in?

I’m pretty sure i’ve copied it wrong but it shows this…

You simply edit the file (as root).

I know I’m there but I think i’ve copied in wrong…

            AssertPicture endeavouros_mate.png no
            gsettings set org.mate.background picture-filename "$pic"
            AssertPicture endeavouros_xfce4.png no
           # experimental for Sway:
                 if [ -x /usr/bin/swaybg ] ; then
                     swaybg -i "$pic"
                     DIE "Sorry, desktop '$DE' is not supported."