Swap file after installation?

When installing EOS I just chose the standard settings and didn’t think any further. I stumbled upon a thread on Reddit saying that for gaming on Linux a swap file isn’t a bad idea.

How do I add a swap file if I haven’t defined one during installation?

I have 16GB of RAM so I guess a swap file should be twice as big, right?

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This link should get you what you need. For the actual size of the swap file, you could just match the same size as your RAM. So 16GB would be just fine.


Thank you a lot. I’ll try to set it up today.
Does it have any downsides doing it now or is it better to completely wipe the system and start from scratch? I just installed EOS two days ago, so it wouldn’t be a problem to format and install again.

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Doesn’t make too much of a difference either way. It’s totally up to you, but you would probably learn more from doing it on your current install :wink:

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It worked! Thank you very much!!


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